Got questions?

I’ve got answers! It’s important to me that you have all the information about working with me BEFORE we actually start the process. So I’ve tried to be thorough with these Q&A answers, so that you can get a super clear picture of what your big day will look like, and what is included in my packages.

That being said, if you’ve got other questions… just reach out! I’d be happy to clear anything up for you.

Can we meet before we book you?

Yes, of course! So as part of my process, we set up a time to meet via video chat so that you can tell me about your ideal day, how I might fit into that, and any other concerns you may have. It’s also a great opportunity to determine whether or not we click.

What is your style?

Authentic, candid and natural. I want to record the day’s raw feeling. I can capture those subtle expressions without drawing attention to myself, and I’m also accessible for any planned or posed photography you may require.

Do we feed you?

Some of the best food I’ve ever eaten has been at weddings, so I really do appreciate it when I’m fed but I don’t expect it and can feed myself if need be. 

Do you do pre-wedding/couples shoots?

Yes! In fact, I’m currently offering free pre-wedding shoots to all couples that book with me. It’s a great way to meet, get you comfortable in front of the camera (trust me I know it can be uncomfortable) and for you to get an idea of how you’ll look on the day!

How many photos will we recieve?

It depends on how long you have me for but between 500-1000 images is normal for me.

What is your booking fee/payment structure?

I take a £300 non-refundable deposit to secure the date. Then the remaining balance is paid 1 month before the wedding, or you can pay monthly. Whatever works best for you!

When & how will we receive our photos?

You’ll receive all your photos beautifully edited in your own personal password protected online gallery and you’ll receive a personalised USB stick.
I aim to have all your photos to you within 3-4 weeks but it’s normally within 1-2.

How long have you been doing photography?

I started my professional photography journey around 15 years ago after reading an article that said “Screw finding your passion, you probably already do it” and I had a lightbulb moment. I started out taking photos of nature/wildlife which is still a huge passion of mine but a friend asked me to take photos at her wedding and I loved it! The atmosphere thick with love, beautiful happy people everywhere, free food and drink and they loved my work! What’s not to love? I then did this on and off as a hobby til I was made redundant a week before having my lil one and knew It was time to do this full time.

What other kinds of photography do you do?

Couples shoots, family photos, newborn/baby shoots, pets, events, partys. Photography is my life and passion so if it’s fun or cute, I want to take photos of it.

 What equipment do you use?

I have 2 Beautiful Sony A7iv’s with world class autofocus (more perfect shots for you) and dual memory card slots for extra insurance. I then have A6500 and A6000 for backups. I have a drone and Insta360 camera for those shots with a unique perspective.

What happens in “bad” weather?

“There is no such as bad weather, just poor clothing choices and inappropriate clothing” – Nanny Eva

While I know most people want beautiful blue skies on their wedding day. Every weather has golden opportunities for unique photos. I’m actually looking forward to the next wedding in the rain for some backlit rain photography!

Are you happy to travel?

Very much so. I love to travel! If it’s outside of Norfolk/Suffolk I would appreciate travel expenses paid and accommodation sorted but I have friends all over and may be able to sort my own, it will depend on location.

Will we spend hours taking photos?

Not unless you want to! My aim is to get you incredible images while not stealing you away from your guests for long periods of time, so you can enjoy your wedding to it’s fullest

Are you insured?

Absolutely! I’m insured so in the unlikely event anything untoward happens we are both covered. I also have 2 memory card slots and back up everything 3 times as soon as I’m able to for peace of mind for both of us.

 “We required some “engagement” photos and were blown away by his professional nature and ability to make a somewhat awkward situation fun and enjoyable. He even greeted my fiance with a bunch of flowers to use on the shoot, they look great on our mantle! His quality and ability to capture our affection for each other was superb, along with the speed and turn around time from shoot to accessing the pictures was fast. I would highly recommend him!”

“Jordan’s relaxed approach worked perfectly for our wedding day- we barely noticed he was there and the informal shots he took were magical. His friendly persona comes across in his photography and sets him apart from other photographers we met with. Our guests didn’t realise they were being photographed which gave us a natural snap-shot of our day that we cherish. I have recommended Jordan to friends since and been equally as impressed with his style”

“I was really anxious about the shoot but Jordan put both of us at ease with amazing questions and stories, which helped capture some funny reactions which added to the final images. Jordan was the perfect mix of friendly and professional, which made the morning far more enjoyable. The pictures themselves arrived in our inbox extremely quickly and we were blown away. He has such a knack with capturing beautiful candid shots as well as posed”

“We invited Jordan to take some Photos on our wedding day and we are so glad we did! He effortlessly blended in amongst our celebrations, was approachable and friendly towards our guests – all while capturing wonderfully natural shots of us we will treasure forever. Couldn’t recommend him enough”

“Oh my gosh! It’s Perfect! You did it! We’re out on our honeymoon right now in our campervan by a Scottish Loch in the middle of nowhere and Ben just yelled “I LOVE IT!” So loudly! Thank you!”

“As a person, you couldn’t ask for a nicer and more passionate guy. He made us feel at ease and allowed us to have fun which resulted in beautiful, natural shots packed full of emotion. The photography speaks for itself. We were absolutely blown away by the quality of images, which came back the very next day! Highly highly recommended!”

“We were overwhelmed with the quality and attention to detail in our wedding video. He Captured the little moments, the glances between us and other members of our family and friends. We loved that it wasn’t ‘just another generic wedding video’ It was artistic yet timeless. We will cherish it forever”

“Oh wow” That is so so gorgeous! We can’t believe it went so quickly watching it! Thank you so much. You’ve got so many just beautiful shots”

“OMG we love it so much!! It’s so lovely. Thank you for capturing our day <3”

“The Video is absolutely Fantastic! We love it! Thank you so much”

“We LOVE it!! We just love it! So many lovely memories, and so much smiling and laughing. Thank you”