Your Wedding Photographer


“We were so nervous when planning our wedding, but the moment we got on the phone with you, we relaxed and those nerves turned to excitement. On the day you exceeded our expectations, you were like family, just a guest with a fancy camera and the images were better than we could have hoped. Thank you”

Hi, I’m Jordan (The one on the left)

I’m a Norfolk Based Photographer and If you’re looking for a relaxed and fun photographer who has an eye for Unique and Beautiful moments then I may be the one for you.

As someone who goes full Chandler Bing in front of the camera, I understand the importance of being discreet and making sure you are comfortable. For me, that’s when I’m able to capture magic.

About me

I’m a dedicated father to my little one (The one on the right), I have a huge passion for music, listening and playing (Guitar, Piano and Cello) My main love though, is photography. I love its ability to take us back to the moments in life worth remembering and reliving. And as someone with a memory like a sieve, it’s actually really important to me.

Why Me?

There are undoubtedly many amazing photographers out there so once you love a style it’s then really about making sure you have a vibe and are comfortable the person who will be with you from the very beginning to the end of your day.

This is where I feel my superpower is…I allow you to be yourself…on and off camera. I’ve got you and I’m committed to being on your side on the most important day of your life. I’m easy to make friends with and then I’m no longer your photographer…I’m Jordan, your friend and guest, who just happens to have a very shmancy camera.  I understand your wedding day, is supposed to be about sealing the bond between you and your most loved one, it’s not a photoshoot. That’s what allows me to get the best of you and your day. No judgements, I’m honest (to a fault), easy-going and I’m very sensitive and know when I’m needed and when I’m not.

“We required some “engagement” photos and were blown away by his professional nature and ability to make a somewhat awkward situation fun and enjoyable. He even greeted my fiance with a bunch of flowers to use on the shoot, they look great on our mantle! His quality and ability to capture our affection for each other was superb, along with the speed and turn around time from shoot to accessing the pictures was fast. I would highly recommend him!”

“Jordan’s relaxed approach worked perfectly for our wedding day- we barely noticed he was there and the informal shots he took were magical. His friendly persona comes across in his photography and sets him apart from other photographers we met with. Our guests didn’t realise they were being photographed which gave us a natural snap-shot of our day that we cherish. I have recommended Jordan to friends since and been equally as impressed with his style”

“I was really anxious about the shoot but Jordan put both of us at ease with amazing questions and stories, which helped capture some funny reactions which added to the final images. Jordan was the perfect mix of friendly and professional, which made the morning far more enjoyable. The pictures themselves arrived in our inbox extremely quickly and we were blown away. He has such a knack with capturing beautiful candid shots as well as posed”

“We invited Jordan to take some Photos on our wedding day and we are so glad we did! He effortlessly blended in amongst our celebrations, was approachable and friendly towards our guests – all while capturing wonderfully natural shots of us we will treasure forever. Couldn’t recommend him enough”

“Oh my gosh! It’s Perfect! You did it! We’re out on our honeymoon right now in our campervan by a Scottish Loch in the middle of nowhere and Ben just yelled “I LOVE IT!” So loudly! Thank you!”

“As a person, you couldn’t ask for a nicer and more passionate guy. He made us feel at ease and allowed us to have fun which resulted in beautiful, natural shots packed full of emotion. The photography speaks for itself. We were absolutely blown away by the quality of images, which came back the very next day! Highly highly recommended!”

“We were overwhelmed with the quality and attention to detail in our wedding video. He Captured the little moments, the glances between us and other members of our family and friends. We loved that it wasn’t ‘just another generic wedding video’ It was artistic yet timeless. We will cherish it forever”

“Oh wow” That is so so gorgeous! We can’t believe it went so quickly watching it! Thank you so much. You’ve got so many just beautiful shots”

“OMG we love it so much!! It’s so lovely. Thank you for capturing our day <3”

“The Video is absolutely Fantastic! We love it! Thank you so much”

“We LOVE it!! We just love it! So many lovely memories, and so much smiling and laughing. Thank you”

Jordan and his partner Rosie did our wedding photos a couple weeks ago and couldn’t be happier ! We have had a preview through already and they are gorgeous! Not to mention Jordan and Rosie were so kind and made us feel comfortable In front of the camera! We are SO HAPPY we decided to go with Jordan Eva photography great value for money, Gorgeous pics and they were a pleasure to have there on our big day!
Thank you so much Jordan and Rosie ❤️❤️❤️

“We are so glad that we have chosen Jordan to be our wedding photographer. Jordan is a really lovely guy, very friendly and clearly passionate about doing what he loves. From our engagement shoot it was easy to see that Jordan has an eye for a great photo and with his easygoing nature he very quickly feels like an old friend while still remaining professional. We especially love Jordan’s ability to capture natural photos and we can’t wait to see our wedding photos next year”

“Jordan is an incredible photographer who captured our big day (twice!) He’s an absolute pleasure to be around and has some mega skills when it comes to photography”